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About 3butterfliesArt

Hi my name is Peter Shanahan and just a little of my background. 

I studied architecture on leaving college and have been involved in art both painting and sculpture since the early 1960's. 

I studied sculpture at the Launceston School of Art majoring in cast metals and have been a member of the Tasmanian Independent Artists group, exhibiting with them in the early years. 

I have had exhibitions both in Tasmania and overseas and am represented in private collections both in Australia and overseas. 


I am now devoting my time to my passion full time. 

The paintings on this site are for the exclusive use by the Christian Church.  All profits from sales are given to and used by the Pentacostal Christian Churches to support the less fortunate in our communities.

Not a particular denomination or "religion" as many people understand it to be when speaking of the Christian Church.

There is a great deal that can be achieved for the many people in need within our communities through our support, and for art lovers everywhere, it becomes a "win-win" result.


You purchase a painting and someone in need is helped. 

Please look kindly on this slightly different reason for selling my art.   

If you relate to this concept and would like to be involved, please feel free to share my website with others who may be interested. 


Payments can be made to my PayPal account

Send me the catalogue number with your payment details and I'll contact you as soon as possible to arrange delivery.

OR you may prefer to arrange an appointment (if in Brisbane) to visit my studio to view more of my work not listed here.

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